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About #Cancerland:

We are on a mission - to live and love and get all the Ladies of #Cancerland to a better place.

The organization (and subsequent documentary series) we created is called #Cancerland - a handful of fabulous women across this country who juggle their already amazing lives with their breast cancer diagnosis. During this past year of being a 501(c)(3) charity, we have been doing global outreach and advocacy, have been called a 'movement', do tons of press, gave our 2 cents, shot videos, drove people to chemo, recorded a theme song, raised a lot of money for breast cancer research/patient care and gained sponsors.

#Cancerland revolves around a number of women - all of whom lead fascinating existences and battle breast cancer in between party throwing, charity functions, getting kids off to school, and political rallying. Rejecting the notion that their illness owns the patient, #Cancerland explores the concept of one's refusal to be hobbled and that “living well is the best revenge.”

This is not a group of brave-faced victims being marched off to their pink ribbon deaths. This is the highs, lows and social relevance of a disease that afflicts 1-in-8 women, killing 108 women in America every single day. Our group of ladies know that the world is clamoring to hear the honest voices of a plight that is pervasive and under-reported, let alone underinsured. The ladies of #Cancerland are coming out of the closet, blowing their wigs off and fighting not just to live, but to live splendidly and change the face of this illness. These women are breaking stereotype by staying true to who they always were, despite the ravages of treatment, as well as the threat to life, family and bank account. Along with our team of doctors, researchers and an army of fundraisers, we are friends who walk the runway, feed the babies, punch the clock, pursue love lives and stop moving only long enough for chemo or to help other women with breast cancer, cleaning the houses of women in treatment and hashtagging the cure. Let our battle cry be heard!

This is where you meet women who know that every moment counts and how to live each day as if it's their last.
Welcome to #Cancerland.


About Champagne Joy:

A blue-haired wonder internet phenom with the tagline "The least interesting thing about me is that I have cancer" and brandishing hashtags like #nevermissaparty, #glitterasyougo and #loveattack has the hubris to face her terminus with a bucket list of changing the world, redefining breast cancer and saving all the passengers on this Titanic, doing so openly and naked for the world to see. Former child actress, paralegal, bartender, filmmaker, and #Cancerland founder, our fearless leader uses her matchmaker skills to bring diagnosed women together and overcome. Champagne knows everyone she's ever known. "We will get better or get better at it." Champagne has been heralded by Nerdist Chris Hardwick as a dragonslayer and Modern Family's Julie Bowen as a tough act to follow.
Please follow Champagne's Blog 'Stage IV: Act 1'

Photo Credit: Francis Hills - Clothing Immaterial


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